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I'm Ellie Mallek, a beauty consultant for L'Bri Pure and Natural Skin Care. My association with this magnificent company has totally changed my life.

When I began working with L'Bri I had a dream and a strong desire to achieve and a live better, more exciting lifestyle. L'Bri gave me the opportunity to make changes in my life as well as turn my dreams into reality. Day by day as I developed my career, I became more confident and I was thrilled to learn that dreams really do come true.

My passion is to touch each life I come in contact with and make it better. I have been able to help so many people because of these fabulous products: from women with dry, dehydrated skin -- who look in the mirror and are amazed that they look 10 years younger, to teenagers who now have more self-confidence and self-esteem because their severe acne is cleared up.

Someone gave me the gift of L'Bri and I want to share that same gift with you. L'Bri is a company that truly cares for each individual involved with it. I hope you choose to become a part of our L'Bri family whether as one of our satisfied customers or consultants. I know you will find it as thrilling and exciting as I do. I can't wait to see your dreams become a reality.

Our skin care products contain no harsh chemicals, oils or waxes, so it benefits every skin type under the sun! Why put ingredients that are so harmful and toxic on your skin when you can bathe your skin in Aloe, Vitamins and botanicals? Treat your skin with care and face the world with a pure and natural glow!

At L'Bri our products are developed with the perfect balance of nature and science. We use the finest botanicals and process them with the best of modern technology to create the most effective products available. L'bri has invested years of research into the preparation of each individual product formulation. They are unparalleled in quality, safety, value, benefits and results! Our products work synergistically to improve the health and beauty of your body and skin.

I love these products and I enjoy what I'm doing. It's so rewarding to help people look their best and L'Bri Pure n' Natural provides the means to do so. I am seeking energetic and highly motivated women to join me as consultants. This is a wonderful opportunity to spread the word and demonstrate the best beauty products in the cosmetic and skincare business. This great nation of ours is wide open and needs teams of consultants who want to realize their full potential in this ground floor opportunity.

L'bri offers you unlimited opportunity for growth and income. With L'Bri as your partner, you can expect success . . . without limitations. Take control of your destiny and create the future of your dreams with your own L'Bri Business.

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Gentle Skincare Trio (for normal and dry skin)
Gentle Skincare Trio
(for normal and dry skin)
Deep Pore Skincare Trio (for normal, combination and oily skin)
Deep Pore Skincare Trio
(for normal, combination and oily skin)
Combination Skincare Trio (for combination skin)
Combination Skincare Trio
(for combination skin)

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